Endurance Rally


Evans Heavy Duty


10 times winner of the Dakar Rally




Kamaz Master is the motorsport division of Kamaz, the Russian Truck company. Kamaz are synonymous with endurance rallying and have won the Paris Dakar an incredible 10 times. In 2010 14 out of 14 Dakar stages were won by Kamaz trucks.

Here at Evans UK we are big fans of the Kamaz Master Team and have a great respect for their amazing achievments in Endurance Rallying. When they approached us for help with their cooling systems we were more than happy to get involved.

Endurance rallying takes vehicles to the limit of their performance and often beyond. Driving across deserts is not easy, racing across them less so. Keeping your engine cool in such extreme conditions is problematic and Kamaz often found themselves with water pouring gushing out of the cooling system as temperatures became too hot. Much of the trucks storage was filled with water to refill the system once the engine had cooled. Such breakdowns waste valuable time, frustrating drivers battling for the lead.

Coolant Choice

Evans Heavy Duty Waterless Coolant is specifically formulated for large diesel engines. The product has been extensively used in lorries, plant machinery and generator sets with great success.

The kind of environments Kamaz’s trucks would be running in experience very high ambient temperatures making cooling very difficult. Evans Heavy Duty Coolant has a boiling point of 180˚C and is far better at dealing with these conditions than traditional water based coolant.

Evans Heavy Duty Coolant enabled the Trucks to run without overheating, Kamaz were so impressed with the results that they have converted all their race vehicle including the support vehicles.